Friday, February 12, 2010

Study Group

This morning before leaving for school and work, we were studying for our first grade religion test. I say "our" test because I'm learning right along with my 7 year old, as is her younger brother who loves to sit and listen intently. 

This week's test is on the seven sacraments.  You know them, right. Yeah, well I thought I did too, but man was I wrong. I don't remember one called the Holy Orders?  But now I do and I'm hopeful my daugther knows them well enough to pass her test.

And while studying we were discussing how we show our love through words, singing and actions.She explained that there is a thing that you pull down in church when it's time to kneel and so that's an action. Close enough.

Then we talked about the special symbols in church which help us share God's love and they can include candles for light, bread for the Eucharist, grapes and wine...

Leave it to Mr. Never-Miss-An-Opportunity to blurt something out before I was even able to get the "..ine" out of my mouth:

"Hey Mommy!  Wine? You drink wine! You drink wine!"

"Yes, buddy, you're right. And that apparently makes your Mommy a very good Catholic."

I love study group....


Reff said...

7 Sacraments? What like...zinfadel, merlot, syrah, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot grigio

Julie B said...

Suprisingly I actually remember those... how? I'll never know because I can't seem to remember what I had for lunch today.... It is nice to relearn about your religion as so much can be forgotten over the years.