Monday, February 1, 2010

Note to self: You are lame

So, guess who gets to go to Daisy's tonight?  I know - I'm LAME. Say it with me L-A-M-E! Remember this? Well, the troop leader's husband called me out on it and now I'm going to admit it to the blogosphere - we're not following through. Damn blog. Oh, Hi Chris! *wave*

But when the little lady came bouncing home with a 100 on a test that she studied really hard on, and an 80 on a surprise quiz - welllll - we still held the possibility of missing Daisy's over her head all weekend to keep her in line - but we caved.

Plus, it's Catholic School week so in celebration they have the night off from homework, which makes a huge difference because she won't be completely overloaded from her day.

It just seems that coming off of the weekend with a full day at school, an hour at after school, the hour at Daisy's and her usual homework tasks makes for an unusually combative daughter by dinner. And tears by bed time.

Do you have one day of the week that seems to push your kid over the edge?  And are you a big wuss like me and can't follow through.....? Support me here people...please...

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Tammy said...

Oh no!! I was waiting to hear how it went, actually sticking to your word...I did it tonight. Miss Sophia needs to learn when NOT to reply when no reply is needed. We read every night and I said "one more word out of your mouth and no story time"...She went to bed with out her story. I feel horrible!! It sure is tough being a Mom!

I think it is okay sometimes to change your mind. Hope she had a good night at Daisy's : )