Friday, February 5, 2010

Go out and play on the hard, solid dirt

You done with this winter yet? I sure am.

Especially as I hear from friends in the Mid-Atlantic region who are bracing for another blizzard to make this officially the snowiest winter on record for them. I mean, what's up with that? How did they get all the snow this year? Care to share just a little?

All we got was a few dumps of the white stuff in December and then icy tundra-like cold for the next 6 weeks that only froze up what was left of the white stuff after a freak 50 degree day and then created rock solid, frozen dirt.

Can't send the kids out to play because who wants to play outside in 12 degree weather on an ice covered film of snow covered in frozen dog poops - oops, sorry, too much information?

I will complete this rant with an upbeat thought: Punksutawny Phil is only right 38% of the time, so the odds are good we won't have 6 more weeks of winter - unless you live in Washington D.C.

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