Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven sleepless nights

Starting last Thursday, our family was hit by a mother's most feared terrorist; the stomach flu. The "I have no control over either end" type of flu.

The little lady fell victim the first 2 1/2 days which meant all hands were on deck listening for footsteps in the middle of the night heading to the bathroom, or moans from the bedroom.  Someone had to be ready to hold her hair back, or comfort her that she would be okay. Never a tear, God Bless her.

As soon as real food was back in her stomach, the little man fell hard Sunday night.  His bout only lasted 24 hours, but again, ears peaked at any little sound, including the cat just wandering the house at 2 a.m.  You never knew who it was going to be...or what was going to happen.

By Tuesday night, Mr. Man wasn't feeling so hot. Both the kids were on the mend - sleeping, eating, playing in sunshine.  So, that evening I "slept" on the couch to avoid the germs and listened to the floors creak upstairs with his every rush to the porcelain god.  All told, I think I squeezed in about 4 hours of sleep that night.

Then Wednesday evening if was my turn. This time, I sent him downstairs and I commanded the bedroom and master bath as my quarantined area.  I never really slept, being woken every hour by the reminder of the long, drawn out battle.

By Thursday, I put the window in our bedroom up just a touch so I could at least listen to the nice weather outside...but didn't dare open the shades as the sunshine hurt my head too much. Aches, pains, throbbing sinuses on top of the stomach flu made for a joyous spring afternoon.

Then the call from the kid's after school - little man lost a fight with diarrhea.  Hubby had stayed home one extra day to relax and be sure he was okay, so he was sent to pick the little guy up. Appears to have been short lived as he was back to normal by last night.

I emerged for about 15 mins last night to catch the kids in their shorts, complete with stark white legs, rushing out side like it was the first day of summer vacation (I would have shared a picture with you because it was pretty funny - but this sick thing got in the way).  It sounded like a nice day outside, and I'm thankful the rain had passed and they could get out to avoid any further contamination.

So that brings us to today. Friday. Eight days after the first battle. I am sitting upright. Eating toast, rice krispies and sipping water.  The kids went to school, hubby to work.  I'm catching up on emails but trying not to stay vertical for too long - this HAS to be the end of it all.  Plus, I hear Saturday may hit 70 and dog-gone-it I will enjoy ONE of these spring days before the temps come crashing down again.

My friends and family, put your guard up if you see it hitting your homestead - this little bugger took 4 people down in 7 days - it's not fooling around. Tonight, I hope and pray we all get a full night's sleep!

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