Monday, March 29, 2010

Thuffering Thucatash

As a parent you try not to traumatize your children whenever possible. But at the same time you need to keep their best interest in mind. So if telling them that there are mean, bad people in the world who will snatch them away from their home keeps them from approaching a stranger in a car, well then you do it.

And if their unexplained fear of losing a tooth that's hanging by a thread creates an unhealthy mouth, weeks of fighting, and tons of tears then you just need to straddle them, tell them you love them, and rip it out of their mouth.  Right? Right?!

The 30 seconds of fear in her eyes as hubby and I tag teamed her like wrestling pros was replaced with lots of bouncing smiles, funny faces pushing her tongue through the space and several exclamations during the day of, "It so much better now that my tooth is out." The tooth fairy cash helped, too.

In all honesty, when it was all over, I think I was more traumatized at having to do it than she was at having it done...and her little brother was gasping in horror so we know we won't have the same problems with him when it comes to those wiggly, wobbly teeth! Carry judging necessary.

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