Monday, March 8, 2010

The sigh heard round the world

Oh yea, people...that huge sigh you heard on Saturday was the collective "Yes!" coming from the suburb-dwellers of New England.

If you weren't here to enjoy it, you missed a great spring weekend! We know better than to get too excited, but it felt fantastic to walk around outside without boots, hats, mittens, scarves and heavy jackets. The kids played. The adults drank relaxed. The burgers and dogs hit the grill.

The neighborhood seemed to wake up from it's sleepy, winter slumber as every one emerged from hibernation. And except for the man who cut me off today, and then proceeded to block me in while he rolled down his window to scream a myriad of insults and profanities at me, the world seems happier, alive and pale ready to welcome the rebirth season.

So, as I write this blog with a sense of calm and relief that we could be rounding the corner, I am reminded of the snow storm of April 1, 1997 that dumped 3 feet of snow the day before we were to leave on a trip to Texas...I hope the next sigh you hear from New England isn't the "Come on!" one as we're shoveling one last time.

Get out! Enjoy it while it lasts!!!!

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