Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm a PC. Well, maybe.

My whole life I've only known Microsoft and Dell (or IBM) as a source of electronic amusement. Web browser. Email. Solitaire. I was good.

Today, I discovered the iPad.  The ingenious little tablet from, dare I say, Apple!!

I can't describe what is happening on my desktop right now - it's beyond words.

I'm learning all about the world of "Apps", and my God I may never return from my iPad journey.

I'll share with you how I got this wondrous little iPad in another post soon (hate me, because it was free).  Assuming you can tear me away from the Eye Chart App. I kid you not - I can test the kids eye sight from this glowing, beautiful baby.

So for now, that's all I have to type on this cruddy, IBM laptop with it's archaic keyboard.

Hey Sierra, welcome to 2010...

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