Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

With dandelions and clover leafs and weeds all in a row.

Hey neighbor! Not you across the street, you next door. Congratulations on your garden of weeds.  Looks great.  The woman who owned the house before you would be mortified to find out that you pulled up her entire perennial garden which took years and years to cultivate, full of love from her deceased Aunt, only to be replaced with this:


I'm sure the  3 foot high Hairy Fleabane is much more attractive to the cul-de-sac than say the  Phlox or blooming Cone Flowers that used to stand there.

I know they won't read this because they don't know who I am, what my name is, or the fact that I even exist...but to the other neighbors that might see Grab a weed on your way by next time, will you? Maybe if we pull them up one at a time they'll eventually be gone and I can sneak in some real flowers in the middle of the night for next year...sigh.

Very funny side note. I did a quick Google search for "Weed Names" so I could speak intelligently about the dandelion infestation and was laughing at all the marijuana results that came up.  Never knew the hash had so many names. In case you're curious: Street Names for Marijuna - aka Weed Names from Google

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