Thursday, January 22, 2009

I need to make this quick


Went to the gym during "lunch" (like there is such a time in my life) and hit the cardio by jumping on an elliptical...that squeaked...loud...but the other open machine is programmed in Spanish and that isn't my native language. So, I squeaked for 45 mins. Sigh.

So then, tall, dark, and very young man jumps on the Spanish machine because he must be bi-lingual (something I *should* be with 2 children with an Hispanic Dad!!) and holy cow, I can still taste his cologne on my tongue...and not because I took a bite out of his biceps. I felt like I walked through the men's section of Macy's.

*cough* *gag* *aaahhh-chooooo*

Lay off the Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani (I googled top fragrances for men) tall, dark and very young man - a little dab will do ya.**

**another google discovery that Yabba Dabba Do! was based off of the "little dab will do ya" motto for Brylcreem. I just aged 30 years by even remembering that jingle.

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