Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parent-teacher conference

Where does the time go? I have missed blogging and had such grandiose dreams of how it would help me track the little things in life and share stories with the world - and then *smack*, life took over and I couldn't find time to blog about it.

Good thing is that everyone is healthy-ish and after a tense trip to the office I am still employed AND I was able to remember where my gym is located so I can get back to my beloved routine. Ok. My routine. No love for me at the gym. In fact, we've sort of been on the outs lately but I'm sure we can turn it around.

Anyhoo - in the midst of the stress was my first parent-teacher conference, one on one, mono a mono, with Abby's kindergarten teacher. I was so excited. She always comes home with stories about what they did in class, she rushes to do her homework, and she is practicing those high-frequency words which intimidates the crap out of me since I barely knew the alphabet in kindergarten. Right?

So, I arrived to the school a few minutes early and was seated in the visitor area outside the Principal's office. As it happened, my dad won the school raffle that week so our family was celebrating his big win - of $50. As I was instructed to "head right down to the room" I had to stop quickly to share the funny story with the assistant about how Abby told me he had won because Mrs. Tully had told her while she was waiting for the bus, and how that same day my dad called to say "don't tell Abby, I'll surprise her" and how we all got a good laugh.

Tense? Nervous? Excited? Yes, I was - so what do I do? I talk and share stories. Want to hear about my life? Try approaching me at a social event or work function. I never shut up. And I know I do it - but I just can't help it. I love finding connections and since I know my life better than I know technology or politics, it all comes out.

I proceeded to clomp my way down the hallway because I wore noisy shoes - mistake #10 of the day - and noticed all the adorable kids turning their heads in my direction. Only the kindergartners had the day off for these conferences, everyone else was studying hard. So cute. I joyfully entered the room.

Teacher: "Hello. Come in"

Me: "Hello. Sorry it took me a minute to come down. I was chatting about the big winnings in the family. Abby thought that was great. (placing my behind in the smallest chair I've ever seen - why can't we sit in big people chairs for these things??) Boy it is chilly out there. I guess it should be expected in January, right? Ha ha. Oh, look at the word rainbow. I've heard a lot about that."


Teacher: "Ok. Let's review the report card. Abby is right where she should be. She does a good job at concentrating on her work. She does tend to finish early and then starts to talk with the other kids at her table to see if they understand the work. We sometimes have to remind her to not talk. Oh, and she loves to tell stories. She always wants to share stories with me and the other teacher. In fact, if she hears another student talking about something that seems to remind her of a story, she wants to share it. We've been working on that, too."

Me: "Oh."

I simply nodded the rest of the conference, took the report card, clomped back down the hallway and smiled as I left the building. A chip off the ol' block. I love it!!!

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

You? Tell stories? ; )

It's great; I love to tell stories too. So much more interesting than, "so, how's the weather?"