Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mommy, I miss her

They were inseparable in preschool. Best friends. Whenever I would pick him up at the end of the day, they would be together in the corner, playing and smiling and laughing. They had secret words they shared when they were younger and hadn't quite mastered the English language. And she was adorable. Petite. Big smile. Fun ponytails. And fiery. She had a little temper.

And then we changed schools and had to say good-bye. I left our information in her cubby for her Mom hoping they'd call. Sadly, they never did. He never really mentioned her. On occasion when he'd hear her name he'd repeat it and get excited and then I'd explain, "No, honey. They weren't talking about her."

So about 3 weeks ago when I got a message on our answering machine asking me if we could attend her 4th birthday party, I almost cried. He was going to be so excited. When should I tell him? Should I wait? I couldn't contain myself and told him that night.

This morning, he kept asking if it was time to go to the party. He couldn't wait to see her. When 12:00 finally arrived, we entered the kid's gym center to find her. There she was. Right near the slides. In a cute purple shirt. He smile from ear to ear and ran right to her. They hugged so hard I wasn't sure they'd let go. It was adorable (and idiot me forgot her camera!).

They spent the whole party together, literally. Within inches of each other at all times. At one point I caught him sitting across from her at the table while they were having cake and he had his arms crossed under his chin and he was just staring at her. In love.

I watched him as he nervously ask me which one was her Dad. I pointed to the man next to my husband. He instantly put his hands behind his back, walked towards him, yanked up his pants a little too high and asked, "Can I marry her?"

Her Dad thought a bit, and then said, "No."

He was crushed. I was a little angry. I guess he couldn't play along. But it was okay because I gave him a hug and told him he should ask every year on her birthday and maybe he'd say "yes" one of those times. Besides, he still needs to go to school and get good grades, find a job, and then buy a ring. He's too young for that just yet.

He said he'd keep living with me for now. And it didn't seem to dampen his infatuation. Within seconds he was back by her side. Giggling. Staring. Hugging. Tonight as he went to bed he told me he missed her. I told him I know, but that we'd be sure to see her again soon. His smile widened and he gave me a big hug. Just like the one he'd given her earlier today. Phew. I haven't lost my little boy just yet!!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

So, so, so, so sweet and heartbreaking. The dad said no?!?! Your little guy will be the sweetest husband someday.

Belly had her two best friends move away within 6 months of each other. She was crushed and I felt her pain. One of them has kept in touch a bit (really, I credit her mom for making the effort to even come by to visit briefly on their cross-country journey back here last year), but the other mom has not kept in touch which is hard for Belly to understand. Me too.

Julie said...

Eleni still cries for her best friend that moved away 2.5 years ago....his mom still visits the people across the street but for her he was and is the only best friend she has ever had and every friend from then until now will be compared to the fun times she had with him.
Its hard to explain to that his mom and me were friendly but not friends....