Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jon and Kate who?

A few years ago I happened upon a program that had two parents situated next to each other on a couch while their very young sextuplets teetered and tottered around them. It was adorable. And I had such a high respect for how they balanced their lives and stuck to such a regimented schedule. Wow. 8 kids in all. I could never do it. Seriously, N-E-V-E-R do it. I was hooked. I watched all the marathons on Saturdays to catch up.

And during the course of their conversation I would snicker at some of the comments made by the Mom. Sort of reminded me of myself at times. It's hard not getting a little sarcastic with your spouse after a long day of diapers, feedings, entertaining, sleeplessness and boo-boo healing. And I only had two kids and felt extremely fortunate to be able to be home with them. Plus I love my husband and want him to know I think he's wonderful. Most of the time. Ok, more than most, but not as much as always. Fair?

Then all hell broke loose and now I get nauseous over the fact that America (is it really America? Or tabloids?) is obsessed with the bickering, arguing, rude, obnoxious, poor behavior displayed by everyone involved with that series. Do I side with the Mom? Probably. Am I pissed at the TV network for letting it get to where it has just for ratings. Yes. Do I think he's a slime? Yes. Would I have stayed with my husband if he spoke to me like that for all those years? No. Does he have a right to leave? Sure.

But no matter, the focus should be on the children. How many ugly divorces occur in the country on any given day? Way too many. Way, way too many where kids are involved.

So put the friggin cameras down. Stop the voyeurism and move on, people!!! Isn't Britney doing something insane we can all focus on? Or that Lady GaGa must be wearing some hideous outfit? Leave the kids alone!!!!! Stop. Back up. Sorry Momma but the bread and butter needs to come from some place else, not just from showcasing your kids and the tears in front of the camera. Speaking gigs pay well. Write a book. Just shut the cameras off for a bit. Please.

I'm off my soapbox, thanks. Just breaks my heart all of that will be there for years to come for them to read and relive. So not fair.

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