Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2339 more to go

Day 1 of kindergarten was a success! Only 2339 more school days to go until graduation!

It was an amazing joy taking my daughter to her new school this morning and watching her line up with all the other kindergartners in her class as the school bell rang. They looked like a soccer team in their uniforms of navy blue t-shirts and shorts - except not too many soccer players I know have brightly colored backpacks weighing them down. We saw Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, Lightening McQueen and Transformers plastered across their backs. At Catholic School that's about as commercial as they can get.

Their sneakers were all so clean and their socks were so white. Each one had that nervous energy and innocence about them, but few had tears, which was comforting. And as long as I didn't look at some of the other Mom's with their tissues in hand, I knew I'd be okay. We waited patiently for the teacher to lead them inside. And suddenly, they were off...and the tears welled in my eyes, and my throat got a huge lump, but I just shouted "Have fun." and held it all together. I promised myself I wouldn't sob this time around.

As they approached the entrance to the school her teacher asked who would like to be the door holder and she quickly raised her hand and rushed over to help. And then in an instant they were gone - inside their classroom ready to embark on a whole new experience. When she got back home later that day she admitted it was different from the daycare place she left behind last week, but she can't wait to go back tomorrow for Day 2. Hopefully by Day 2063 of this school adventure she'll still be as enthusiastic!!

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Congrats to Abby on Day 1! Congrats to you for holding it all together.