Saturday, January 9, 2010

Going for the shot

I repeatedly tell my kids "Shots are nothing. They keep you healthy. You need them. Shut up and suck it up".

Ok that last part isn't said out loud, just in my head.

Now, I have to do as I say. Tuesday. 9 a.m. sharp (pun intended). H1N1 vaccine.

If I didn't have two petri dishes living at home, I would skip it. But there are too many fabulous things going on this winter and spring and I don't want to miss anything curled up in bed with 103 fever and body aches.

Plus, this gives me something new to obsess over for the next few days!


And if you didn't hear or read: I am hanging with the New England Mamas as a contributing blogger. Fun! And another reason to get vaccinated so I don't end up being the blogger blogging about having H1N1.

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