Friday, January 8, 2010

When you find a good thing, buy a ton of it

I’m a brand buyer. I don’t know how it happened because we were pretty frugal growing up, but I still remember having Cheer® detergent, Skippy® peanut butter and Lucky Charms® in our house – the real deal, not the generic versions.

Today, I stock up on my favorite brands whenever they are on sale. Cottonelle® toilet paper, I love ya. Same with Viva® paper towels and Barilla® pasta. Look in my stocked cupboards and you’d think all we do in our house is poop, wipe up spills and eat pasta every few hours.

However, there is one staple I find I use most during the cold winter months in New England that I never stocked up on and now they are gone forever – my crazy, paisley flannel sheets!

Flannel sheets – why you can buy those any time of year, at any store selling linens, in many fun colors, right? Wrong. My fav-o-rite flannel sheets are from Linens n’ Things®. That store no longer exists. Caput. Out of Business. Which means my super soft, NEVER PILL, keep-me-wicked-warm sheets are gone forever.

Sure, they still maintain a “New Linen’s n Things” web site, but apparently flannel sheets aren’t part of the inventory. I’ve gone elsewhere and purchased flannel sheets but find that we only use them temporarily while we wash our crazy paisleys. I’ve never found a set as warm and soft as those.

What brand item have you fallen in love with and watched go by the wayside? A cereal? A favorite pair of jeans? Or maybe you’ve never been brand loyal, which I don’t get, but good for you.
None of the products mentioned in this blog have paid for a mention, nor offered any products or services. Does that cover my a#*?

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

My poor boyz are devastated over the loss of their beloved french toaster sticks by Eggo!