Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Local news let me down

I love my local news. I really do. No, seriously. I studied broadcast communications in college - I mean, come on, how much more can you love news than to spend 4 years studying it?

But this week, my local stations let me down, big time. I know we all have our moments during a newscast when we wonder "Why are they reporting on that?" or "Do I care about the deer crashing into a home in Montana when I live in Boston?", but when the news hits close to home, I start to take things personally. This is my turf.

Why my anger? I wrote about it here last night in the height of my fury, but essentially I feel like we've lost our perspective and responsibility to our young girls and boys and have decided that the age of "anything goes" on YouTube becomes newsworthy. Guess what? It's not.  If there are issues with security, or education, that our communities need to be aware of, then report it. Absolutely. But teenagers being exploited for sensationalism on our local news reels has no place.

Let me know if you agree with my rage. Still growling this morning...grrrrrrr

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