Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Valentine, Oh Valentine how I love thee red hearts

My daughter started singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town yesterday at the eye doctor. I put a kibosh on that right away. I am long over the holidays and have even started replacing snowmen and winter decorations with tulips and flowers.

I know, it's early, but this winter was not really welcome in my home. I wasn't ready to give up the summer and fall months so I'm a little stuck in protest over cold and snow.

But then I remembered I am *so* not a Valentine's Day chick either, so why am I rushing to get to February? I remember dreading it in school, especially when they started the ritual of handing out carnations in home room. White, pink and red. White was from "a friend". Pink was "I think I like you" and Red was "I love you".

At 14, 15, 16 years old the last thing you wanted to do was sit there and not get a flower - at least ONE flower - any flower! And I don't even think it went to a good charity or cause. It was just a fundraiser with huge social implications.

Inevitably my girlfriends would send me a few white flowers, and maybe a pink for fun, but no reds every came my way (ok, that may have changed when I started dating my high school beau, but that was so long ago and so foggy that I'm content thinking I was scarred for life by the carnations and that is why I insist they don't ever enter my house).

So, to help get Valentine's Day on my good side I told my daughter it will be her job to make up a Valentine's Day song since it doesn't have one. A love song for Valentine's Day.

She looked at me with a little head tilt and said, "Ahhh. No."

Well then, that ends that idea. So fresh. But so right. I can't handle another song in my head right now. I'm still stuck with Ma ma oh la la la, ga ga roh ma ma waking me in the middle of the night. Curse you Lady Ga Ga!

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