Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Falling for fall

Usually, by this time of year I'm so excited for fall. Even though I know it leads to winter, which isn't so much my game. I'm usually so sick of hot sun, humid days and wearing the same stained shorts that I can't wait to roll into my slippers in the morning, put on a warm sweater and drink a cup of hot green tea to start my day.

But this year, with an abridged version of summer here in New England, I'm not falling for fall like I usually do. Leaves. Blah. I wish they'd stay green. I pretended to be ooohhing and aaahhing at the pretty colors on the way home from Maine last week in an attempt to get the kids excited about the seasons.

Frosty windshields. Random snow storms (ok snow showers) before Halloween. Acorns falling from the trees, causing me to twist my ankle. Chipmunks and squirrels scavenging for winter food, including my birdseed. Bees. Tons of Bees showing up in the house (maybe a whole different problem). Less sunlight. More darkness. Poor Dog doesn't get to hang outside as long.

Yeah, I'm not ready for fall but do I really have a choice?

So bring on the toasty fires in the fireplace. The endless bowls of soup for lunch. The warm crockpot dishes for dinner. The smell of trees and plants getting ready to sleep for the winter. Put your pumpkins and Mums on your front porches. Fill up the bird feeders. Shake out the warmer coats and the fleece pullovers. Inhale the cool crisp air and snuggle with an insulated cup filled with your favorite hot cocoa. Pretty soon, we'll be on the inside looking out thinking "Boy, I wish fall stuck around a little longer this year."

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