Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Grade Progress Report

"Needs Improvement"
"Needs Improvement"
"Below Average"
"Below Average"
"Needs to pay attention better and focus"

Ahem - excuse me!! Over here! I think you gave my child the wrong progress report...innocent mistake I'm sure.

You see, my kid is not "below average". At anything. She's smart. Funny. Caring. Considerate. Compassionate. Strong-willed. Enthusiastic. Energetic. Did I mention smart?

Trying to explain to an almost 7 year old that her progress report wasn't all glowing and wonderful while she stares at you excited for you to read it to her, because in her heart she LOVES her school, and her teacher, and her classmates - it's heart-wrenching.

Can you ever tell a child someone thinks she's below average? At Reading, Spelling, and Religion. Excellent in Science and Phonics (she says they're easy, thus the Excellent part). Good at Math, Art and Social Studies.

So, we carefully explained that all the teacher wanted was for her to try a little bit harder at her words and spelling. And sometimes the things that she thinks are really hard take more time and studying than the things that are easy. But that if she wanted to work with the horses some day, she needed to learn how to read so she could take care of them. (Score one for the Mom - anything that has to do with those neighing creatures is sure to motivate, right!?)

I also told her not to be disappointed because I wasn't so hot at Science so she was lucky to be so good at that...and Math wasn't one of my strong suits either.

She sighed, discouraged, and asked how frequently the progress reports came out and exactly when. You see, she already knew if she could make it look good around progress report time, maybe she'd get more "Excellents", which is all she really wants. Told you she was smart...


Reff said...

mehbe she am be humskull'd? ;-)

Julie B said...

Just wondering here... do the papers that she brings home reflect this below average bs... I am sorry I think that is just being mean...

Fairly Odd Mother said...

It's amazing they use the term "Below Average"---ugh! And, I think below average in religion would actually make me a little proud (heh). You already know that we think Abby is excellent all around! (and I think she could help my husband with his phonics).

BTW, have you heard about the Aiming Low party in Boston on the 26th? Would LOVE if you could come!!

Suburb Sierra said...

Julie, I'll admit, she isn't bringing home gold stars on all her tests, but she also isn't bringing home zeros.

FOM, I haven't heard...tell me more! Or I'll DM you for info in case you don't see this commet.

Beverly said...

I'm confused here....if she is using a phonics program how in the world can they be marked as bad spellers???