Monday, October 5, 2009

Nooks and crannies

No muffins in this post. Just progress people! What a busy weekend...

We have our microwave nook - minus the shelf which will go up soon. Nice nook, hubby!

We have a window sill and molding - now that's a kitchen window!

And to all the women out there - why aren't shop vac's marketed directly to us? See that little puppy on the floor? It is the answer to all my cat hair, dust ball, dried mud bits, cracker crumb, and crud issues throughout the house. That little vacuum sucked the 5 year old remnants of burned wood and dust out from the cracks in our stone fireplace hearth. Vrooooomp. Sucked right up. Love it!

Luckily we didn't suck the lost tooth up - but we were on our hands and knees for a bit trying to find it on the carpet. She didn't even know it came out - until she noticed the blood dripping out of her mouth. Oy vey.

Busy weekend followed by a busy week so see you when I find a few minutes to myself.

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