Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Costume: Global Warming

Halloween is dressed up and ready to trick or treat - as Global Warming.

70 degrees? That's what they are forecasting for Halloween in New England. Since my daughter was born, we have had unusually warm Halloween nights. And by delaying the fall back of time, it's pretty light out when we hit the road, too.

There is a picture floating around somewhere of me during my beauty-pageant years (ahem) with my coke bottle glasses as round as my head, fake cigar, layers upon layers of clothes, fake mustache and beard, heading out to trick or treat as a Hobo (is that PC to say these days?) because *damn* it used to be COLD!! No, actually, FRIGID, this time of year. When we were even younger we would hide in those plastic masks using our own breath to keep us warm - and when you lifted it up to reveal who was underneath, it felt like someone smacked you in the face with a brick of ice. Brrrrr...

Now, my kids throw on a light sweatshirt that often comes off somewhere along the route when they start to sweat, and we leave the jackets at home as we race around the neighborhood on what tightly challenges Christmas as the best holiday ever in our house.

So come on New Englanders, whip out your sunscreen, flip flops and shorts - it's almost Halloween!!!


Julie said...

I distinctly remember snow on Halloween.
And I am so disappointed because A's costume is a fleece duck! SUPER WARM.... E's a Phantom with a polyester mask....that should be good and sweaty!
But my cheerleader will be comfy!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I also remember wearing a winter coat OVER my costume (hated that) and now always get my kids things that can be bulked up underneath---but, poor things, they are usually too warm on halloween!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

We had our windows open all night!