Monday, October 26, 2009

I blame Twitter for not having the writing mojo

@christinelexa: Happy Monday. What a great weekend. Fingers crossed it flows into a great week.

@christinelexa: This is the main reason we bought this house 5 years ago. The crackling will put me to sleep! Zzzzzz

@christinelexa: I think if I knew Yoga now would be the time to use it. But I don't. So I'll just breathe and turn the afternoon around. Happy place...

@christinelexa: Bad internet connection has caused a huge headache. Like the pounding kind. Like the kind that only a happy hour starting at 3:00 can fix!

@christinelexa: SEX talk - sorry, gender discussion - now with @geechee_girl about women in social media #SMBNH

OK, not sure what all those are? Those are some of my tweets. Those are the 140 character thoughts that run through my head during the day and night. Those are how I think now. I used to think in blog. I used to have long conversations in my head on the 2 hour drive home from my office and would gleefully run to my computer to put them down "in writing" on my blog. Thoughts. Glorious thoughts that flowed from my fingertips and filled up a page. Stories that would amuse you and make you giggle, or blush, or question my sanity.

Now, I think in tweets. Short. Quick. Can't use many words. Will run out of characters. How-do-I-shorten-them-to-fit thoughts.

So while I still enjoy my children and life, I just can't think in longer than 2 or 3 short sentences, which makes it hard to share with you in detail all the funny, cool things going on in our house. And at this rate, my blogs are going to read:

@christinelexa: Woke up. Work. Time with kids. Wine. Rest. Repeat.

Help. Please help me turn off the tweets. I want to blog again!

(Or follow me @christinelexa - just be warned, I do work full time and tweeting comes with the job so not all my tweets are as intensely profound and personal as the ones above - I know hard to believe, right?)

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