Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anti-office neighborhood

I am a Diet Coke addict. It's okay because I can say it outloud. But I'm not just a Diet Coke addict, but an addict of the fountain drink Diet Coke. The kind you can get King Size at Wendy's. And since I've rarely ever sipped a cup o' Joe from any of the local coffee shops, I tend to head out around 10:30 for my morning fix of DC. Refills for $1.04 at the local Sunoco station - please don't stage an intervention.

As I was returning to my home office with my bubbly friend I was reminded of a conversation my husband had with our local dog walker (not ours, mind you, but someone else's dog walker). I noticed Mr. Mike at the front of the neighborhood sitting on his front stairs. Mr. Jeff was checking out his lawn with Mr. Frank. I rounded the corner towards my house and the new police officer that moved in down the street was walking with his 9 month old twins and my husband was playing with our kids and their playdate friends that meet every Wed with their Dad. Our new neighbor across the street was pulling into her driveway and our next door neighbor was doing the same in his driveway.

So, back to the comment from the dog walker to my husband:

"You know what I noticed about this neighborhood? No one works."

What's he talking about? I'm working right now loading up files onto little USB drives that flash all red when they are done! We're just all anti-office and that's why I love living here!

Oh, "Hi Mr. retired State Trooper Ed! Nice to see you this fine day", if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work!

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