Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tight squeeze

I had to do a demo today for work. It really wasn't a big deal since it was only for 3 people and I've come to know them fairly well over 5 months since they are my PR firm, but I found myself in an awkward situation for a few moments.

I had flashbacks to my first professional job at Thomson Financial. I always discount my time at Pyramid Entertainment and CBS Radio in NYC because that was really just an extension of my college education. And then my days answering phones for Thomson and distributing mail was truly a joy, but I'm talking about my days traveling the country installing First Call terminals at brokerage firms. As I began my demo today I noticed the battery in my laptop wasn't quite doing its job so I whipped out my power cord...and spent 10 mins trying to untangle it. My husband would have been horrified since all the cords in his life are neatly wrapped and then secured with tie-wraps. Mine resemble a bird's nest. Mission accomplished after a few witty comments to the crowd and finally a straight line.

After getting myself in order with the power cord I soon found myself crawling under a conference table to plug it in - this is where the memories come into play. I didn't fit under that table quite as nicely as I remember doing at the age of 23. I remember flying in and out of small cubicles, phone closets, and corporate offices with the speed of light. I could squeeze between a leather chair and a file cabinet like no one's business. Today, I kind of slowly crept on my knees to the outlet, tried not to break my nail taking the cover off, slowly backed my "wide load" (as it's known on trucks) back out from under the table and barely made it out from under the mahogany table without whacking the top of my head. Then it took a few more seconds for me to catch my balance to slide back onto my chair and I am pretty sure I let out a huge sigh like I had just finished an hour on the treadmill.

My conclusion, when the nice young man across the table from you offers to plug something in...say Yes.

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