Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ode to St. Monica's School

My son is obsessed with jail. I'm hoping I've painted a scary enough picture of what it could be like that he doesn't think it's someplace he'd like to hang out, but this morning he was, once again, throwing his mother in jail.

I thought I'd do a little educating so I showed him a picture in our morning paper of 3 men facing charges for stealing and told him they were all going to jail for taking things that didn't belong to them. From there, we began the "what did that person do?" game for every picture in the paper.

We came across a picture of a man of the cloth and Abby says,

"What did he do?"

I said, "Nothing. He's a Pastor."

Her response,

"What did he pass?"

Dear Lord forgive me but I don't think this Catholic school thing is going to be easy...

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