Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stop for donut - leave with cash

This morning my husband had a job interview. Yeah. Even if nothing pans out, I think it's great for him to get into the swing of it again because it can be hard and intimidating out there.

This meant I was on babysitting duty for our son. He's pretty easy to hang with, plus I had to renew my car registration and he loves to run errands with me when it's just the two of us - honestly.

In my normal routine, I will hit the local donut shop for my large Diet Coke fix, but the drive thru lane was so long that we decided we'd run inside today. As we were standing in line, my son was chatting it up with 2 policemen, a priest and this large, grandfather figure. Before I knew it, the grandfather man was shoving a dollar in my son's hand and saying

"Buy a donut. Buy a donut, little man."

How sweet was he?? It was a true reminder of the "way back when" days when the older generation would hand out quarters and tell you to buy some candy at the local candy shop. I think I was smiling more than Alex, thinking back to the little store near my grandmother's old house that had bowls of penny candy.

I told Alex he could save his dollar for our trip to the amusement park tomorrow and I bought him a donut. As we were leaving, the priest was sitting with the local retirement crowd (all of whom I adore) and asked him for another high-five. Alex obliged and before I knew it, the priest was handing him a dollar as well! Alex was overwhelmed - two dollars - one in each hand!!! All he did was come in with me for a Diet Coke and now he has a donut and 2 dollars.

Boy, his sister is going to be pissed she missed this trip to the donut shop.

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