Monday, May 5, 2008

Good oral hygiene

I've never liked the dentist - no particular reason other than the memories of cavities being drilled, spitting in a mini-toilet bowl and the dreaded "We are going to recommend an orthodontist" moment. I think that was the first time my heart stopped - but now that I have children it stops much more often as I see a head heading for direct impact with the corner of a coffee table.

But my kids don't seem to mind engaging in good oral hygiene at home - they will brush and brush and brush until they resemble rabid dogs with the foam flowing from their mouth. My son declared it was time for him to "flops". Befuddled, I asked him to repeat his request and he said,

"I want to flops. Flops. Flops." He was getting angry now.

Ah...floss. To me, that is one of those issues along with "Do I use Q-tips in my 3 year old's ears?" I took a small piece and gently put it between a couple of his teeth. He has never smiled a bigger smile than when I was done. I think I'm going to bribe him with "flops" the next time he has a dentist appointment since neither of my kids can remember how to open their mouths when we get to the dentist.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

We have those little plastic floss 'sticks' that are easier on kids and every night, without fail, they floss. I blame their dad who is is a floss perfectionist. He shames me into remembering to do it every week or so.

CSierra said...

Good idea! That must be a guy thing, too. I was always a long string girl but I think Ralph has some of those little ones stashed away - why does this sound like I'm no longer talking about floss?? :)