Friday, May 9, 2008

Go get your socks

My kids are crazy this morning. I'm waiting to have a conference call for work and they are screaming and running through the house, like kids should do. But since the rain hasn't started yet I emerged from my office and suggested they go outside to play before the drops start.

My daughter would live in flip flops all year round if we let her. She wants to wear them again and I explained that it's chilly today and maybe she should put her sneakers on. After some random grumblings she asks me to go get her socks,

"I am not going to get you socks. You can use your two legs and walk to your room to get socks."

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. It's too far to my room. I wish we had stairs AND an elevator in our house."

She's kidding, right?

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