Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't got bed with a headache

My head was POUNDING last night when I retreated to bed at 9:30. I couldn't read the paper and the TV was too bright. I wasn't sure what was going on but closing my eyes was the only option.

And that's when I started dreaming. Let me catch you up - I am a vivid dreamer. Oddly vivid and there are mornings I wake up confused and wondering if I actually did quit my job because I won the lottery.

And last night was no exception - but I blame this on the headache:

I started smoking again - Marlboro menthol - and the new man in my life, Kid Rock, ran to the store to get me a pack. I *think* I knew I was married with 2 kids because when he asked me to move to Georgia with him I remembering wondering how the family would feel about that. Then I realized they may like Georgia because they are warm weather people.

Clear as day - Kid Rock was right there handing me the pack of butts. And then I also remember thinking why is he talking to me? I'm certainly no Pam Anderson look alike - not even in a dream.

Moral of the story - pop several aspirin before going to bed with a headache or else you too may fall victim to packing up your belongings for the move to Georgia that isn't happening. I have to go unpack my suitcase - it appears Kid Rock isn't coming!

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