Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One wedding and an amusement park

Where you been? Seems like I've been offline forever.

What a fun, busy, beautiful weekend for us. On Saturday, we celebrated the marriage of my Aunt Bev and her husband Sean! There were so many faces we hadn't seen in so long and relatives that traveled across country to be there. Even with the scare of a tropical storm approaching and humidity that made it feel like we were in Mexico, not a raindrop fell and we enjoyed a day spent with family!

My children got to play (and meet) their cousin who lives in Las Vegas - what a treat that was! We hit Canobie Lake Park on Sunday and then had a great beach day on Monday. Tonight we will travel to Maine to say good bye as they prepare to head home. It was so fun having them so close by for a few days.

But then things will get back to normal and I'll find inspiration and time to blog again. I am still adjusting to two children in school full-time and while I had thought that meant I could concentrate on work and accomplish more than I did this summer, I just find that I try to cram more in my day so that they can have my attention at night. We'll figure out a routine soon. Now, back to work!

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