Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Drunken Mom for hire

I don't get out as much as I used to. In the mid-90's it seemed that I spent every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at some engagement or at some local bar immersed in lively conversations, interactions and reactions. Now...not so much.

So last evening when my company (small company I might add) hosted dinner for some "blokes" visiting from the UK, I seemed to revert back to my pre-Mom ways. You know, the animated, energetic-type that isn't exhausted by 9:00 each night and actually gets a second wind at 10:00 instead of rushing to bed because it's "late". And after 3 (okay 4) glasses of wine, I was on a roll.

Sad thing is, I'm not quite sure what I talked about. I think I just babbled and babbled and babbled endlessly for hours. I'm not big on awkward silence so I tend to fill it in - with useless comments. Let's review what I remember:

Dinner - I spoke about my total ignorance of World History and learned some really fascinating tid-bits - all of which were lost on me as the wine consumption increased. I do remember learning where the "middle finger" form of expression originated from - France.

After dinner - we headed to a cool bar inside an old tunnel (appropriately named The Tunnel Bar) and I remember talking about Rob Thomas - which often happens with this crowd because they find my unhealthy fascination with him amusing - and I also tried to convince a crowd of men from Nebraska to hang out and have a drink. They wanted nothing to do with the Tunnel Bar for some reason - claustrophobic perhaps?

Lastly, I remember ending the evening talking about squirrels, chipmunks and gophers. By this time I believe we were grasping for conversation. Oh, and I must have asked my colleague to send me pictures from his trip to Poland this summer because the link just arrived in my email inbox.

Here's the interesting part...when I arrived to the office this morning the first comment out of one of my colleague's mouth was,

"You survived?"

Excuse me? What exactly happened last night that I don't remember? I was trying to keep the conversation lively but I didn't think I was that entertaining. Others this morning have said they didn't know I could be so funny. Funny? Really? I think I just had a good buzz going.

I think next time we have a corporate outing, I'm going to charge to be the comedic entertainment for the night. I'm off to a meeting now...perhaps I'll learn more about the material I used last night so I don't get caught using it again at the next function.


Reff said...

>>Drunken Mom for hire
How much?

CSierra said...

Apparently only 4 glasses of Pinot Grigio!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Wine does that to me too! I morph into Chatty Kathy!