Thursday, September 11, 2008

Little cocoons

7:49, 7:24, 7:36, 6:59

Those were the times we used to wake up in my house. No alarms. No rushing. For 4 years while the kids were in daycare, and there was no "start" time per se, we would let the kids sleep in and wake when they felt rested. I work from home so as long as I was logged on by 8:30 or so each day, I was good.

6:53, 6:52, 6:50, 6:51 1/2

That is the time we are all up and scrambling now that my daughter has started kindergarten. They have to be out the door no later than 7:45 to get over to the school on time. We tried the morning bus the first week but they wanted us out front at 7:00 for pick up, and well...that wasn't happening. But 7:00 is still better than the 5:45 bus pick up that my cousin has up in Maine for high school.

I'll admit, this morning was our first challenging day in rousing the troops. We've been running on fumes because my brother is still in town from the wedding weekend and we've been back and forth to Maine where he is staying with my parents. Last night was another late night for the kids and tears flowed as we all said good bye.

So, combine a late night filled with emotions with the first chilly morning since last May and all we saw when we went into their bedrooms were little blobs tucked soundly under their fleece blankets - no feet, hands, ears or noses visible.

I'm thinking when the winter months comes, we better turn that alarm clock on a bit earlier because it may take several attempts to get them warmed up for the day - especially my son who takes after his lazy Mom and could sleep 20 out of 24 hours in a day!

On a sad side note, my brother and his family leave Friday for home and it will be awhile before we see them again. We'll miss you cousin Sophia, Uncle Mike and Aunt Tammy! Thanks for a great visit.

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