Friday, September 26, 2008

Twisting the night away

Warning: it is a rainy, lousy weekend so I could be bloggin' for DAYS if this weather continues.

Now that hubby is home on weekends I thought it would be a good idea to institute Friday Family Fun Nights - or Fun Friday Family Nights - or something like that because I can't really remember what I originally called it.

So tonight was our first "FFFN" and I sent hubby to the store to buy Twister. FFFN has a few rules that need to be followed:

1. The whole family (excluding animals) must be able to participate in the event.
2. TELEVISION OFF - this is not FFF "movie" Night.
3. If tears start, well then we've lost one of our F's and we stop to fix the problem instead of escalating it into "frustrated".
4. Try with all our might to keep our Friday's open.

I have to say, our first attempt was pretty fun. We didn't play by the rules - having a 3 year old who can't reach from Blue to Green because he's only 37" tall makes it tough - but even with our abridged version the kids laughed, we laughed and I think I actually got a little workout from it.

I'm always open for ideas for our FFFN so if you have something to suggest, send it along. We have a list on our whiteboard of things we want to do. Abby is all about trying ice skating one Friday - wait until we do it and she realizes ice is slippery.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

I love this idea---I was just going through photos and saw one thing the girls did that was super fun---I made sugar cookies, but before baking them, they painted them---I got the idea and recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks (website)---it was really cool and even more fun than decorating them afterward (plus, they aren't so sickly sweet).

And, of course, an impromptu dance party here is always a good way to end a day. ; )