Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Final Night: Kid Free Zone

I have to say we saved the best kid free night for last. Hubby and I went to our SECOND movie date in one month! I dragged him to the ultimate chick flick of the season (Sex in the City) about 3 weeks ago and he was such a good trooper that last night we saw Get Smart to even the keel a bit. He could have picked the Incredible Hulk or Wanted, but he went with something more neutral.

We laughed, a lot. I thought the movie was great, having no real memory of the original TV series - probably because my brother and I would watch Adam 12 over and over again every night as kids - it's a wonder neither of us are police officers in LA!

Anyway, we started our kid free night with a yummy dinner at our local, over-priced (hubby's eyes literally popped out of his head when the bill came), snooty restaurant that I love because the collection of Mercedes and BMW's in the parking lot always amazes me! In reality it's priced like any restaurant in Boston, except it's in North Andover, which is not Boston. But I did get served a yummy Peartini, or two, or three so that made dinner all worth it.

Later that night, after filling up on a large Diet Coke and buttery popcorn, we hit the exact OPPOSITE of said snooty restaurant and had a night cap at TGIF's. The attempt to reproduce the Peartini's of earlier failed, however the concoction the bartender created wasn't half bad. I think the key ingredient missing (amazingly) was the PEAR Grey Goose vodka, so when she asked me to list off the ingredients my half-buzzed, half-exhausted mind shouted over the blaring 80's music:

"Grey Goose, Amaretto, splash of cranberry!"

In fact, the original was Grey Goose la poire, Amaretto and actual cranberries and pear slices. But amid the buzz of the evening, the new version went down just fine. And drinking a martini in TGIF's is just wrong anyway, so I deserved it!

Today we leave to join the little ones at the beach for a few days. I'm looking forward to seeing their little faces and giving them a squeeze, but will miss this little down time that included an incredibly clean house and quiet mornings. As my boss with two teenage boys he never sees said, "The grass is always greener".

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yeah, I always try to recreate great cocktails at home with little success.

Glad you had fun! Re-entry (getting used to having the kids around again) is a bitch.