Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If these walls could talk..oh wait, they are!

Her: "So, with the husband in jail and the 4 kids, I'm just not getting any sleep and I have no energy to even walk up the stairs. I've gained a bunch of weight, too. The bills are sitting there but aren't getting paid so I've stopped answering the phone."

Dr: "Have you thought about hurting yourself or the kids?"

Her: "No, No. I just think I need some help." Baby screeching in the same room.

Dr: "Is there anyone you can talk to about this?"

Her: "No, the husband's family won't talk to me while he's in jail and I don't have family around here."

YIKES! I wanted to block my ears but I couldn't. All of this was happening in the waiting room next to me and the walls were so thin I could hear every word!

I went for my yearly physical and realized how extremely lucky and blessed I am to have my health, family and friends. I also realized that patient/doctor confidentiality is non-existent in this gorgeous, new (I mean still smells new)medical facility that my Dr. just moved into!! I had already been waiting 1/2 hour in this 10 X 10 room, but I couldn't be upset with the Dr. after hearing this poor woman's depressing situation next door.

Wait. Does this mean the next person waiting for a check up was going to hear me talk about my gas issues since I changed my diet - they really are painful. Or about the brown freckle on my inner thigh that is now red and itchy and freaking me out since my Mom's recent skin cancer episode (I call it an episode because everything is removed and fine for her)? Should I tell the Dr. I heard the whole thing and they need to re-insulate the walls? Or do I just mind my business and share the experience on my blog?

You guessed it...but speak softly the next time you meet with your Dr.

Someone could be listening right next door!

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