Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Night Two: Kid Free Zone

I had a much more successful night minus the little ones. The trend has continued with loud music pumping and SUV windows down as I do my errands - so liberating even if I look like a wacky, middle-aged Mom trying to recapture her youth by attempting to sing the words to Top 40 songs she doesn't know as her obviously foiled highlights are blowing in her eyes.

The night's checklist included:

*Buy hubby's birthday present
*Buy Bridal Shower gift and card
*Eat dinner - ALONE - and read book at table
*Buy summer reading (i.e. mindless fiction and I'll report back on how mindless they are as I attempt to complete them this summer)
*Enjoy a couple of cold brews and catch up on Tivo

I am happy to report, all of those things are checked off the list! But wandering the mall on my own last night was very odd. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be keeping track of other Mom's kids or making eye contact with strangers. Funny how social skill change when you aren't consumed with the whereabouts of a 3 and 5 year old.

I did notice there is one member of the house that seems to be enjoying his little vacation from torture and that is the dog. The first night he ran from room to room looking for his food sources, but by last night he realized it was just him and I and it must have reminded him of our life in Maryland, pre-conception. He was lying at my feet by the couch and kept coming over to take a look at me every now and then just to be sure I was okay. Don't you worry puppy, I miss those children of mine but I am going to enjoy every quiet minute I can get. Tonight - date night with hubby!

Oh, and I did hear from the kids and they are having a blast - almost like they don't want to come home this summer...hmmmmmmm.

Book #1: Queen of Babble in the Big City - by Meg Cabot
I basically love anything that tracks the life of a twenty-something in New York City as it reminds me of someone I know :)

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