Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh when the ants...come marching in...

I have a little boy. My first is a girl and my second is a boy. And I always thought I wanted 3 boys. That seemed manageable - no real dating trama, no major hormone swings, no fights over make-up and clothes. They could have two on defense and one on offense (or however that works!). Then I had my daughter and I was thrilled. I was never a fan of pink so she got covered in lots of purple - ok, with some pink in there, too. And when my son was born I overloaded on blue and trucks.

Now that he's 3.5 years, I'm overloaded with dirt. Lots of dirt. Mud, actually. While boys may not come with the drama that girls seem to bring, they do come with filth and grime and bugs. Ants - all sizes. Beetles. Worms (LOTS of worms). Centipedes. Caterpillars. Grubs. Spiders. You name it, he's dug it up and brought it my way.

So when I think about his love of bugs this summer I'm pretty glad I have one of each - because 3 times as many bugs heading in my direction would have just grossed me out! Not to mention what all that dirt in the tub would have done to our drains.

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