Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy July 6th

Unbeknownst to me, the fireworks in our town got canceled due to rain on July 3rd so they were rescheduled for last night. Our neighbor called us to share the good news. Only my kids are still in school (daycare) and have to be up early to get ready and the fireworks weren't starting until 9:30 p.m. After a long vacation week I needed them to get to bed a normal hour. Supposedly you could see the display from our driveway - we've never been home on July 4th to find out - so I mentioned to the kids I'd wake them when they started and they could come downstairs and watch them with me.

Well, either the trees grew a lot over the past year, or the fireworks were shooting lower than years past, because all I saw were glowing colors behind a bunch of tall trees, followed by thunderous BOOMS after each glow. So, I didn't wake the kids.

But my daughter woke up anyway - in tears. I found her wandering around upstairs crying that she tried but couldn't go back to sleep because of the noise. My heart broke because she looked so lost.

I took her downstairs with me and we sat in a chair and peered out the window at the glowing sky and I calmed her down a bit. We actually enjoyed watching a million fireflies in the "meadow" across the street. She informed me that one had kissed her recently. Then she commented,

"Well, we can't see the fireworks but that moon came up nicely tonight."

Wow - if all it takes is a sliver of a moon and a hug to make her happy, I'm one lucky Mom.

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