Friday, July 25, 2008

Motherwords - made for me

Something arrived in my mailbox yesterday, unsolicited, and I cracked up last night reading each and every word of it.

It's a publication called Motherwords...every mother has a story. What's yours?.

I don't know much about it, except I think some sisters I never knew I had wrote some of the articles. At times, I actually felt like I was a contributor because the stories mimicked my own life - and it's full of Mommy stories, not stories about how to be a Mom. They steer clear of "10 best ways to hide cauliflower in your kids food" or "Summer fun with string". You get my point. One list was the Top 10 reasons her son gets naked - based on the bum check that happens after each poop. Hysterical!

I think I will be subscribing because it will give me something besides celebrity gossip and recipes to enjoy on those "quiet" Sunday nights (OK, on Sunday nights because who am I trying to kid...not much is quiet in my house)

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