Monday, July 7, 2008

My booty is moldy

I was quite pleased when I relocated my Booty after they moved it from the chip aisle at the local Stop & Shop. I'm a creature of habit and when it disappeared I didn't go looking for it.

But the display at the end of the Organic Food shelf (since I can't call it the "Organic Food Section" because that would be an exaggeration) had it proudly displayed last week so I grabbed two bags - my son loves the Booty, too.

I thought I grabbed Pirate Booty and Veggie imagine my surprise when I opened my Veggie Puffs to see Pirate Booty with mold!!

It wasn't really mold, it was Veggie Booty with Spinach and Kale. And since Fairly Odd Mother is hiding Kale in yogurt shakes and Popsicles, I thought I'd give my moldy booty a shot. Not bad. But a little disappointing when you're really craving some Veggie Puffs!

Summer Reading update: Finished Meg Cabot's The Queen of Babble and was not a big fan. Wouldn't really recommend it for any type of light reading. Moving on to The Prince of Nantucket by Jan Goldstein.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Veggie Booty is back?!?! I thought it was gone for good----(they had a salmonella scare a year ago and pulled the line---it was during that spinach scare). Gosh, my girl loved that snack.

You must try Tings which are from the same manufacturer. Delish and totally addictive.