Monday, July 21, 2008

Ms. Sierra, please sit down here away from your cousin

OK. I will admit I was a pretty good student. I wasn't honor society but I never skipped school (I actually sort of liked learning!) and was usually well behaved. There were those random occasions when I'd get a little silly with some girlfriends which always turned into the uncontrollable giggles for me and then I'd hear the dreaded,

"Is there something you'd like to share with the class?"


"Please come sit in this seat down here since you can't seem to concentrate sitting near Karen, Kathy, Julie (insert your friend's name here)."

Yesterday I had a "get out of Mothering free" card for the afternoon because we had my Aunt's bridal shower down at Marina Bay. It was a small group because we have a small family - and the Moms left their kids at home. I was seated next to my cousin who I don't see enough, and who shares a similar sense of humor as me (must run in our blood), and since I was relaxed knowing my Dad and hubby were with the kids, I enjoyed some wine and some laughs at "our end" of the table.

Then it happened. The words I hadn't heard in a while put into a new context. The bride-to-be shouts out "Well, we know you two won't be able to sit at the same table at the wedding." Uh oh. I felt like I had been busted back in 10th grade and had missed a whole segment on the Pythagorean Theorem and was now supposed to explain it to the class. Shit. Was I going to be removed from the table? Then I realized this was the same woman who earlier, while opening her gifts, had put a thong on her face and said, "Oh good, an eye patch" so I knew I was safe. More laughing ensued - and a little more drinking was had - and an insane thunder "shower" rolled over us as we sat under the outdoor canopy - and it was a great afternoon.

As I am teetering between 39 and 40 years, I've realized that weddings are few and far between these days so it was fun to be celebrating the upcoming "big day" and I'm looking forward to dancing to some 70's disco tunes and thoroughly embarrassing my 5.5 year old at the wedding. As the bride-to-be admitted, there are going to be a lot of fun tables at that wedding! I hope I get to spend time at all of them!!

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