Friday, August 29, 2008

Dry eyes

When we drove up to the school playground at 5:00 I was preparing myself for the worst. I thought she'd run away in tears telling me she didn't want to leave and then it would turn into a tear-fest for both of us in front of all the teachers and children.

But that didn't happen. Not even close. She ran over to me with a big hug, then turned to hug her best friend, gave her Pre-K teacher a hug goodbye and headed for the gate. That was it. That was the last day at her daycare/pre-K school. We went up to her classroom, collected the items from her cubby, took a few arts & crafts projects off the wall that were hers and headed for the car.

I am so proud of her. She is ready to move on and can't wait to start full-time Kindergarten next week. She is eager to learn new things and meet new friends. Not a tear. Not even one.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Good for her! Crazy how fast the little girls are growing up.