Sunday, August 24, 2008

Repeat after me...

Pewn. Pee-yooning. Pee-yoon. Pewn.

I had NO idea what he was saying so I had to do it phonetically.

Me: "Say it slower."

Alex: "Peee-yooon."

Me: "Again."

Alex: "Pewn. Pewn. Pewner. Pewn."

Me: "What are you calling it?"

After several hundred attempts I finally realized that he is calling the little army tank that his aunt sent from Florida (not my first choice as a gift for a 3.5 year old) a "Pewn" because to him, that is the sound that guns and various exposure to cartoon weapons - that I have tried desperately to avoid - has formed in his head.

So if you say it fast, "pewn, pewn, pewn" he's kind of right. And I'd rather he call them that than walk around screaming "Bang. Bang. Boom. I got you with the gun." so I'm going with it...being hit by a "pewn" is much easier for me to swallow...

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