Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can I call the fire dept. to get my cat down?

OK. Last night I watched in amazement as our new cat scaled the side of a french door that opens into our family room, sat on top of the door and then leapt onto a pine beam near the top of our ceiling. See for yourself:

I was not only amazed by her feat, but more importantly disgusted at the amount of dust that fell as she walked back and forth across the beam. I always forget to clean up there. After almost 1/2 hour of wondering how to get her down last night, I managed to climb a ladder in my family room, could barely reach her, grabbed her by a paw, scooped her up as she was slipping off the side of the beam...claws out and all. Hubby was working so I had the pleasure of being the hero.

Guess what? She did it again tonight. She's meowing right now. Hubby is working again. Tonight, I'm going to just leave the ladder in there and let her figure out how to do this herself. I can't call the tallest neighbor we know to come help me because if he touches a cat he breaks out in hives. And I don't think the fire dept. would appreciate my call,

"I know it's not a tree, but can you save my cat from atop a pine beam inside my house?"

After yesterday, all the cat experts in my life said,

"I bet she won't do it again now that she knows she can get stuck."

Well, they were wrong!

...She's down. That's right. As I was typing she managed to leap from the pine beam back on top of the french door (yeah, it's only about 2 inches thick). When I heard the rattle I ran in expecting to find her in the middle of our rug in a ball but instead she was slowly scaling down the back side off the door, walked past me with her tail swishing back and forth as if to say,

"I don't need no stinking ladder!"

I just shut the door so there are no repeat performances at 1 a.m. If she can still manage to get up there somehow, then more power to her. Tomorrow, that door gets loaded with sticky tape - I hear they don't like the way that feels on their paws. Watch...mine won't care! Stay tuned.

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