Monday, August 18, 2008

Fast Forward 10 Years

She's sitting on her back on the oversized chair in the living room. Her head is on the ottoman and her legs are arched up on the chair - it actually looks pretty comfortable. She's clicking away on her sidekick, or blackberry, or iPhone - I can't tell the difference - and Coach is spread across her (in heaven) because I haven't kicked him off the furniture yet. He keeps looking over waiting for me to send him to his doggie bed, but I'll let him hang for now.

Within a few minutes she's on the floor on her back doing stretches to prepare for cheerleading practice next week when she starts 10th grade. The sidekick, blackberry, iPhone is buzzing away in her hands, and as she does leg lifts she doesn't miss a beat with her texting skills.

Her: "You know what would be really awesome right now?"

Us: "What?"

Her: "Pancakes."

It's 9:45 p.m. be able to eat pancakes right before bed and not morph into a stack of pancakes myself would be a dream.

And while I know this is just my 15 year old niece hanging out for the night with me and her grandparents, I can't help but realize this is also a glimpse into my future in 10 years with my own daughter. The texting, the cell phone calls, the fixing and refixing of the hair and makeup, and the look that reminds you that watching the Olympics with your Aunt and Grandparents probably doesn't rate as the *best* time of her summer vacation, all serve as a reminder that you can't keep them from growing up and need to grow with them through every year.

Reality: kindergarten starts in 2 weeks so I better just focus on that for now!!

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