Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time for change

Over 4 years ago I dropped my daughter off at her first day of daycare and cried the whole way to work. How could I leave her with strangers? Will they know when she wants to be hugged, cuddled or held? What will she do all day with her new friends? Will they know which blanket is hers and that she loves to sleep with her little stuffed dog? The heart ache was enough to have me second guessing my decision to go back to work for weeks.

But within days I saw how happy she was when she entered her classroom and would run to the play kitchen area or over to the book area and was blossoming into a wonderful little toddler. She had great new friends and teachers who always welcomed her with an enthusiastic "Good Morning!" and big hug.

I played out that same heart breaking scenario again when I dropped my son off 2 years later - tears on the way to work and all.

Now I have another round of tears to endure - we are leaving that daycare to move onto new adventures. Abby is getting ready to start kindergarten and her brother will start at a preschool program closer to home. I'm already second guessing our decision to move him and all of those "first day" jitters are re-emerging like they did 4 years ago! I really like this new place, but as a Mother I'm always cautious of change.

So as I dropped Abby off this morning I had to hold back my tears knowing I only have a few opportunities left to chat with the wonderful teachers, joke with the Director and wander through their classrooms looking at their artwork displayed on the walls. We were so fortunate to have had such a great childcare option and I am so grateful for all they have done - I have a feeling there will be many more tears saying goodbye than when we first entered the building all those years ago.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

Change is hard but I think kids adapt, you know? Hope things are going well!