Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birdy, Birdy, in the sky...

Why'd you do that in Momma's eye?

It wasn't actually me that got tagged with bird poop over the weekend, it was my daughter. I told her it was good luck - yet another lie from her mother.

But we seem to be on a roll with our feathered friends because we have an adorable little creature flying around our garage who just won't fly low enough to get out of there. He seems to like the high points which aren't going to get him home to his family.

He's quite vocal, too. I don't want to trap him in there but if he doesn't find his way out by sunset, he's going to be out of luck for the night. I did spread some birdseed on the garage floor hoping he'd spot it, but I tend to think that's just going to attract chipmunks and squirrels and then our garage will become an instant suburban forest. My son and daughter are both outside the garage PLEADING with him to come out:

"Hi birdy. Hi birdy. Come out birdy."

Bye Bye Birdy - please!

Update: Birdy managed to get himself out before we left for the Scooper Bowl that night. At least, I think he did. Otherwise, someone is in for a big surprise when they move the wrong item in the garage and find a "sleeping" birdy.

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