Sunday, June 8, 2008

Do they really need a DJ?

Friday night was the first of 4 kindergarten graduations in my house.

"What?" (you may ask since I only have 2 children)

Well, since I was blessed with December babies (literally 2 years apart) they can not start kindergarten "officially" until they are 5 in Sept. This means they must wait that extra year, by state standards, to formally begin their education.

Lucky for us, their daycare/kindergarten school will take kids at 4.9 (as if children are a grade point average) which means that they can both begin some sort of kindergarten education the Sept before their 5th birthday, and then sit amongst the other 5 year old children to receive their diploma in June during graduation to first grade. Then, the following June...well...they get to do it all over again...for real.

So Friday night was Abby's 1st kindergarten graduation. I will share pictures soon, for those who would like to see the festivities, but will let you know that she promptly returns to school tomorrow to the same school for the summer session before heading to her new digs in September. Not surprising to me, she was still the only child to cry at her graduation on the thought of leaving.

I asked why she cried and her response:

"Because when I was giving Ricky a hug after he called my name (they use first names at her school for teachers which irks me just a bit), I realized he won't be at my new school. I'm a little concerned..."

I couldn't get her to tell me what she was concerned about...but now...I'm concerned about September.

In addition, when everyone congratulated her, she held her head high and proclaimed she'd be starting first grade in September. Whoops. Probably need to address that issue soon.

All in all, once the tears were wiped away, she had a great time, as did the rest of us. There was a huge cake. Pictures with friends. Lots of balloons. Snacks. And a DJ. A loud DJ. Playing loud versions of the Hokey Pokey and Chicken Dance. Note to self: Ask her new school if their kindergarten graduation has a DJ.

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