Monday, June 2, 2008

I can't drive... 55

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Move! Move! Move!"

That was me in my vehicle at 9:00 this morning as I came to a crawl on Rt 128 South. I knew I'd hit traffic on my way to a meeting in Framingham but I had no choice but to embark on the trek that takes me through Woburn, Burlington and Waltham at rush hour (for those who don't know, there is no easy way for me to get from my house to Framingham - at all).

I left myself plenty of time to travel the 45 miles and have been trying to make a concerted effort to drive slower these days. I hear it helps with fuel efficiency - and at 18 mpg I'm up for anything - and it should be good for my odds of avoiding any speeding tickets.

But, I live at the intersection of 2 major highways that have posted 65 MPH speed limits. So when I hit a road that posts 55, well, I just feel like I'm going REEEAALLLLLY slow. And then when you layer in the morning motorist who is on their phone, eating their breakfast sandwich, texting on the blackberry, receiving faxes, launching satellites into space and solving world poverty - I ending up screaming when they get into MY left lane and go 45. That's the "move it" lane. The "I'm-only-here-to-drive-and-get-somewhere" lane. If you want to occupy your time with something other than driving at or above the speed limit, do it in another lane!!

So, in all my efforts to slow down and drive more responsibly, I've come to accept that I will never be the slowest on the road, or the most courteous, so get out of my way because I can't drive, 55!!

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