Monday, June 30, 2008

Night One: Kid Free Zone

Left the Windex out on the counter all night. Wanted to feel what it was like to leave a cleaning agent out without the fear of little fingers using it as a water gun.

But I still put the night light on in the bathroom. I realized last night that I do that more for me than for them.

The week has arrived that my kids are away on their sleepover with my parents. My daughter has been counting down the days and demanded I "Go home!" a few times as soon as we arrived at the beach. But, just like a script, as soon as I mentioned I was really heading out I was tortured with the "Don't Go" scenario, complete with sad faces at the door as I drove off. Sorry kids - Mama needs a couple of nights alone in her house to clean and get ready for our next vacation trip. I may travel for work occasionally, which some constitute as "alone time", but I'm still at the mercy of other people when I'm away. Last night, I was in charge of my schedule and no one else.

So, what did I do, you ask?

Rolled down my window on the highway and blasted the tunes on the way home, to start. Then I went out to dinner - kid free - with my husband. Downed two glasses of wine, guilt-free. Then we grabbed a gelato for dessert before he headed to work. I listened to the rain and thunder outside and read the Sunday paper, uninterrupted.

By 8:00 I was starting to pace a little. I cleaned the little windows in the living room but then I had promised myself I wouldn't jump right into cleaning mode the first night. What would be open on a Sunday night at this hour? Should I just go for a ride around town - what am I nuts? With the price of gas above $4 I can't go joyriding.

So, I found a show I hadn't seen on TV before - a show about a husband, wife and their 8 kids. I watched it for an hour and a 1/2 - back to back episodes. And I laughed really hard. Because it was like a mirror into my life, but without the extra 6 kids. It was so comforting to hear another mother still proclaim, "I'm just not a morning person". Hallelujah! Me neither, sister.

My first night kid free and I watch a show about raising a family. I've already promised myself that tonight will be different!

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